Ebates Cash Back & Coupons Customer Reviews:


Groupon Not Working

When connecting to Groupon via your app, the link no longer works. The Groupon page comes up blank... can you plz fix?

Make that money

Does what I need it to do. Why not get money for stuff you need anyway.

The very best

I have missed using Ebates occasionally but am getting better at remembering. Every little bit counts

Customer service

I had a negative interaction with Ebates. I let them know that I was unhappy with their response and would no longer be using the app. After this, Ebates credited the amount disputed to my account "as a courtesy". I will say that their customer service is excellent. Thank you Ebates. I'll give them another chance.

Great app!


What a way to save!


Great buys!

I don't shop with out this app

Rewards for money I'm already spending

Download the chrome Web add in too!

Love it!

Great way to shop and get money back.

Good deals

U get good cash back for shopping

Saving money

Ebates took my money

Yesterday I had $36 balance, today I have $26 and no deposits were processed!!

Love it

I didn't see my 25$ mony for referring a friend why?


I tell all my friend's and family great deal's

Love it.

I love the ability to earn cash back and app always popping up with extra suggestions of extra%

Great app

Very easy to use .

I would love to find Wish again WIC w



Love it

Doing better

Have been very pleased

Money money

It is a really amazing app, saving a lot of money for shopping on regular goods.. !! Im loving it

Love it

I love being paid to shop!!

BUT Need to pay sooner

Great app and easy to use!!!

Referring family and friends

Finds extra savings and gets money back

So easy, so awesome. Love Ebates!

Good for saving money

I use it for gifts and for myself. Then feel like I got a gift when I get the check !

Great deals

Love this get paid for shopping concept 😊

Wish it worked.

I shop ebay and i have no problem looking adding things to cart but it will almost never let me cash out. Everytime i hit checkout it doesn't do anything. Good effort but not worth it.


Ebates is the bomb. This quarter I earned enough to pay my rent with my ebates check... Could not love ebates more!!!! Best thing ever!!!! Thanks ebates for being awesome.

Free Money!

I'm an online shopper! And this app is the best for great deals and cash back!

Easy money!


Awesome program

It is already really really simple to use Ebates but the app makes it even more simple! What else could you want... You've got to shop, you got to buy things so why not go to Ebates first and get rewarded for the items that you have to purchase anyway! There are no scams, no ads and no tricks! Just purchase what you have to purchase and get paid!! It can't get any easier to get paid/rewarded for the shopping that you have to do anyway!!!

Love this app!

Getting money to shop is awesome!

Loving the returns!

Why can't all vendors be available via mobile device? By available I mean have the purchase count towards your ebates.

Like it so far...

New to Ebates and the app has made it so easy.

Money back,akways

I always get my check. One time it didn't show up and up emailed them, I got the credit the next day and the automated credit showed up too. Great way to shop.


This really works!! Whatever I buy online, I get cash back with Ebates!!


Shop the stores you would anyway (Wal-Mart, JC Penneys, etc). Buy the items you normally would. Only difference is now you get cash back! Cash in your pocket for shopping! What's there not to like?!!

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